Straight to the point.

It's all about going in a  particular direction - forward. Whether you are starting out as an entrepreneur or climbing the corporate ladder, visualizing what are the next steps is bringing you one step closer to success.

As a true fan of science-fiction and futurism, my thoughts have always been around the future of society and technology. Some of  my favorite topics are: 


  • Tech Entrepreneurship Trends

  • Online Marketing & Disruptive Disruption

  • Innovation Models & Creative Leadership

  • eBusiness, eSales, eCommerce

  • IoT, AI, BigData


This is what I do for my clients: I make people think, I make people laugh, and I make people take action. I do this at company events, conferences, and business seminars, on a variety of topics. 


If you’re looking for a keynote speaker or an online marketing trainer who can move your audience contact me now.

  • Google AdWords

  • Hubspot Inbound Sales

  • Digital marketing Trainer

  • Dedicated Sales Coach


EU, US & Russia


Tel: +359 887 877 068

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